There are a variety of keyboard shortcuts available on Windows 10 which provide a quick and easy way to navigate and operate features, saving you valuable time and effort.

Although it can be an overwhelming task to memorise all available shortcuts, focusing on those which you use frequently can make a noticeable difference and help you to work quicker and more efficiently.

Here are 20 of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for a Microsoft Windows computer.

Note that the Windows Key is usually located on the bottom left of the keyboard between the CTRL and Alt keys. The + symbol indicates that you need to hold down the preceding key / keys.

Why Use Windows Shortcuts?

Using keyboard shortcuts offers several benefits to individuals and businesses including:

  • Time saving – Using shortcuts can help you perform tasks faster, particularly for repetitive tasks. This can increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Health benefits – Surprisingly, utilising shortcuts can even have health benefits; with less mouse clicks reducing the risk of suffering from Repetitive Syndrome Injury (RSI).
  • Accuracy – Keyboard shortcuts can be more accurate than mouse clicks, particularly if performing a task such as document editing that requires a lot of precision. 

Basic Windows Shortcuts

These basic keyboard shortcuts will save you time when performing basic operations on your computer.

Ctrl + Z   Undo
Ctrl + W   Close
Ctrl + A   Select All
Ctrl + C   Copy Selected Items to Clipboard
Ctrl + V   Paste the Selected Item
Ctrl + X   Cut the Selected Item
Alt + Tab   Switch Between Open Applications
Alt + F4   Close the Active Item, or Exit the Active App
F5   Refresh the Active Window
Ctrl + F   Search Within a Document

Advanced Windows Shortcuts

These advanced keyboard shortcuts will help you work more efficiently when performing more advanced operations on your computer.

Windows Key + Shift + M   Restore Minimised Windows on the Desktop
Windows Key + Left (or right) Arrow   Snap Windows
Windows Key + Tab   Open the task View
Windows Key + C   Launch Cortana App
Windows Key + S   Opens Search
Windows Key + M   Minimise all Windows
Windows Key + L   Lock Device
Windows Key + E   Open File Explorer
Windows Key + D   Display and hide the desktop
Windows Key + Plus (+) or Minus (-)   Zoom In or out Using Magnifier

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