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Absolutely PC provides leading IT support for estate agents, letting agents, property management companies and other businesses in the property sector.

Businesses operating in the property sector including estate agents and letting agents are essential to the UK housing and rental markets. 

Due to the confidential nature of the data they must collect and store, cyber security and GDPR are a priority for these businesses, with the cost and reputational damage caused by a data breach being potentially devastating. 

Absolutely PC provides a specialist service to the property sector, with a range of bespoke IT services including cloud computingbackup & disaster recovery, cyber security including Cyber Essentials and remote working solutions designed to address the unique challenges faced by businesses operating in the sector.

IT Challenges for the Property Sector


Cyber security – The risk of a cyber attack is very real in these industries due to the data they hold. Failure to put appropriate IT security measures in place can result in significant reputational risk, fines, and even legal action


GDPR / Data Protection – Holding copies of sensitive documents including payslips, bank statements, tenancy agreements, references and IDs which are now often exchanged digitally, property firms must ensure that data is stored and managed with GDPR in mind to reduce the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.


Remote Working – With remote working becoming more commonplace, businesses must ensure that staff can provide the same level of support to customers regardless of where they are working.


Disaster Recovery – Due to the critical nature of their work, businesses in the property sector should have a robust disaster and backup recovery strategy in place to ensure they can continue to operate if systems fail.


Website Hosting – Websites often include media heavy property listings which can result in slower loading times if hosted on low-spec servers.


Support – When things do not work as expected, property firms need responsive and knowledgeable IT support to get them back up and running quickly.

Key Features of Our IT Service for Estate Agents & Letting Agents


Secure UK based hosting to increase website loading times.


Robust cybersecurity offering including password management, regular updates and patches, spam prevention, cyber awareness training for staff, Cyber Essentials and dark web monitoring to protect your business from a potential breach.


Technical support from our friendly UK based team – no ticketing systems, confusing knowledge centres or long call queues.


Cloud solutions to provide secure, permission based storage for confidential documents.


Encrypted emails meaning that documents can only be seen by the intended recipient


Remote working solutions including VPNs, hardware and remote access software to enable your team to work efficiently from any location.

Property Sector IT Support FAQs

What are the risks of a cyber security breach?

For any business, the implications of a cyber security breach are significant. In addition to the costs involved to secure your network, inform customers, and put measures in place to prevent further breaches there can also be massive reputational damage which may prevent new customers from coming on board.

The risks of a breach are further amplified when the data being stored is as sensitive as identification documents, financial records and other information that could be used to replicate a person – a practice which can occur when data from breaches is made available on the dark web.

Can property software be integrated into our IT systems?

Yes, we have experience working with leading software utilised by the property sector including CFP. We can ensure that these systems are integrated with your businesses IT infrastructure to reduce inefficiencies and allow staff to work without frustration.

What are the benefits of going paperless?

Paper-based processes are slowly being phased out of the property sector due to the higher administrative demands and the risk of sensitive documents such as payslips and tenancy agreements being damaged or lost. 

As well as reducing costs and improving data security, going paperless can help attract new customers, gives staff access to documents instantly from any location and helps you to provide a more efficient service.

If you are switching to paperless operations, using cloud services allows your business to securely store documents online, mitigates the risk of storing files on local machines and allows staff to view relevant documents from anywhere with permission based access.

Specialist IT Solutions for Your Business

If you operate as an estate agent, letting agent, property management company or other property industry specialist – we can provide a complete IT solution for your business.

To find out more about our IT services for the property sector, give us a call today on 0117 975 9523 or fill out the form below to discuss your requirements.



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