Covid 19 IT Support

COVID-19 has introduced many issues for businesses and there is currently a need to allow businesses to function whilst having staff remain at home following social distancing measures.

Our focus is to help as many businesses as possible to remain productive via remote working.  It is our belief that if we can achieve this in a cost-effective manner then more businesses will survive these difficult and uncertain times.  With this ethos we have devised several ways to achieve this dependant on business requirements.

Office 365 – starting at £15 per month per account

Perfect for

  • Access to company email
  • Sharing files with other staff
  • Supplying Microsoft Office functionality
  • Maintaining data security
  • Complying with GDPR regulations
  • Maintaining team relationships and camaraderie

If you simply need staff to have access to email and the ability to share files such as Word and Excel then there is a way to do all of this through Office 365.  You can define access rights for each member of staff to ensure data protection remains in place.  Staff can use home PCs and laptops by logging into a portal and this will give them access to all of the software they use in the office.

As an added protection we suggest using our very cost effective antivirus to ensure the computers are safe from viruses and other forms of malware.

As we set-up all of the accounts on UK based servers, use encryption technology and take backups throughout each and every day your business will remain compliant with GDPR regulations.

Finally, software such as Teams and Skype for Business is included.  This means teams can remain in contact utilising the equivalent of a business based social media platform and business class video. It is a perfect way for staff to communicate with each other and clients.

Costs are based on a per user basis and all of our contracts are one month rolling so you are not tied into long term contracts.

Remote Desktop – starting at £15 per month per account

Perfect for

  • Accessing business critical applications (Sage, CRM, Databases etc)
  • Having staff use their own works computers
  • Very fast deployment
  • Businesses without servers

Having staff access their work PC allows them to continue work as if they were sat at their desk.  It means that business applications such as Sage Line 50, Sage Payroll, CRMs and databases can continue to be used.

This option needs the work PC turned on and a few settings changed to prevent it from powering down.  We would normally scan the home PC or laptop and install our low cost effective antivirus program to ensure everything remains virus free.

If the business has a good router we are able to configure encrypted data tunnels from a home computer to the work PC and staff can then get to work.

Alternatively we utilise our remote control software which gives staff the ability to connect to their computer without the business having the right hardware in place.

Solutions are based on each businesses individual circumstances and pricing is either a single setup cost or monthly recurring invoice – of course this is built around our no quibble 30 day rolling contract to keep things simple.

Call us today to discuss getting your staff working

Businesses are desperate for financial advice and access to accurate management accounts is more important than ever in this very fast changing and uncertain time.

Utilising our remote control business software we can allow you to access all of your client’s sites which will allow you to continue keeping businesses going.

Prices are based on the number of computers you need to access and we find that most clients are happy to pay their share.

To make things simple we will work directly with your clients to get the software installed and ensure security is in place.  For additional protection it is possible to log all dates and times you have accessed a system which will give your client confidence in the security of the system

Telephones Remotely

The number of people calling your office may have decreased but those still wanting to talk to you want a person not a voicemail.  With a little technical know-how it is possible to have your office number call a mobile, a group of mobiles or even to have your office telephones at home for remote workers to continue to make and receive calls.  Our prefered partner for all things telecom is Team Partner Telecom and they have been helping our customers for a number of years.

If you would like an introoduction to Stuart or one of his team then get in contact and between us we can help your staff get productive from home.

Computers Delivered

We currently have stock of laptops,  PCs, monitors, keyboards, mice and everything else you might need to run a home office for your staff.

We are also working with a local furniture company to supply home desk and chairs.

Call us now to discuss what you might need

Call now to potentially get same day support

Our staff have been working around the clock to ensure businesses are able to function as best as possible in these very difficult times.  Our contract customers will always have priority but if we can help more businesses to function then we will all have a better economy at the end of this.

Call or email us now and if we can allocate some time to get you working today then we will.

Good luck and stay well!


What People Are Saying

Absolutely PC have supported our business and I have worked closely with them for a number of years. During this time they have gone above and beyond to support our business and I always really appreciate them taking the time to explain things to me. I in particular want to highlight Marcus who I have worked with on countless projects, his expertise is fantastic and I have never received support for hosting services that can compete with this.

Jessica Lawrence

Andy, Ellie and Louis have been fantastic support they are really adaptable and helpful at any time of the day. They get any of our issues big or small sorted quickly and professionally would highly recommend this company.

Cook Corporate

I always recieve fantastic service from Absolutely PC, they are quick to answer calls and resolve any issues with great efficency. the whole team is super freindly and supportive. Recently I have dealt with Jack, Andy and Anas who have all been brilliant

Ed Jackson

I have been using Absolutely PC for many years and they have always been extremely helpful and knowledgeable re any of my queries. Thank you Connor for you help and advice regarding Windows10 and my current PC and for offering alternatives, with quotes.I have always found them both trustworthy and professional.

Anthony Ireland

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