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With a proper backup and disaster recovery solution, the chances of business data being lost due to accidental damage, theft or cyber ransomware attacks is reduced.    

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From accidental damage to hardware malfunction, viruses, fire, flood and theft, there are many reasons why it’s critical to have a fully working backup and disaster recovery strategy to ensure your business continues to run efficiently and effectively, no matter what happens or when.

Using onsite and offsite backups with daily email notification confirming the backup has been completed, or advising if action needs to be taken, Absolutely PC gives you the knowledge and peace of mind that your data is stored securely and can be retrieved when needed.

In the event a laptop, PC or server is stolen, sold, or scrapped, data on the hard drives can be erased remotely and securely using military grade encryption, even if the hardware or device is no longer in your possession. This adds an extra layer of security to your contacts, passwords, credit card details and other confidential files and assists with your GDPR compliance.

With a reliable backup solution and comprehensive disaster recovery strategy your business data is fully protected from common problems. Absolutely PC ensures your business data is backed up and protected with encryption keys, yet easily accessible should you need to replace an entire network of PCs, laptops, tablets and servers, or simply recover a single file or folder for an individual user.

Key Features of Backup & Disaster Recovery Services


Discussion to identify your backup strategy requirements.


Deployment of backup software on servers, PCs and laptops.


Scheduled security and patch updates to stay ahead of cyber security threats.


Daily backup of individual files and shared folders.


Daily email confirming the backup status.


Easy file recovery process and secure destruction of redundant data.

Backup & Disaster Recovery FAQs

I have accidentally deleted a file – can you help?

It is easy to panic when you mistakenly delete or cannot find a file that you have been working on, fortunately, our easy file recovery process means that most of the time these documents can be easily recovered. 

How often do you take backups?

System backups are taken daily, and you will receive a daily email confirming the backup status. Backups can be taken more frequently if required.  

What is an IT disaster recovery plan?

An IT disaster recovery plan is a process that lays out how your business can quickly resume working in the event of an IT disaster such as damaged hardware, no connectivity, employees not being able to get to work or premises closure.

At Absolutely PC, part of the support we offer includes planning for disaster recovery to ensure your business can continue working should the worst happen. 

IT Backup & Disaster Recovery Serviced for Your Business

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