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Absolutely PC offers UK based high performance business website hosting with daily backups and accessible technical support at an affordable price. Secure SSL certificates are available and security is forefront of the hosting platform. 

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Super-fast, ultra-reliable UK website hosting for your business.  Make sure your customers can find your website online at any time of the day or night.

When choosing Absolutely PC, your website is hosted on award-winning UK servers, known to improve search engine rankings for UK traffic, and hosted in datacentres with world-class security and 24×7 support.

Website hosting includes the use of your own business domain name to direct visitors to your website, blog or online shop. Secure ecommerce websites are protected with the highest levels of encryption to safeguard customer messages and orders, including processing card payments verified by payment safe providers.

Website hosting also includes high performance email facilities with your choice of email addresses (with personalised signatures and customisable out-of-office messages) and emailboxes which can be accessed via your PCs, laptops, tablets and mobiles using desktop email software, hosted Exchange and/or webmail from anywhere in the world.

You also have access to comprehensive website statistics, which can be used to monitor who’s visiting your website and tie in with online and offline marketing campaigns, setting KPIs and keeping track of advertising spend budgets.

Your website hosting with Absolutely PC also includes dedicated technical support from knowledgeable and friendly experts available to ensure the reliability and availability of your website 24×7.

Key Features of Website Hosting Services


High performance servers delivering super-fast webpage loading times.


Secure data centre with built-in redundancy and cloud-based architecture.


Feature-rich hosting platform supporting the latest technologies.


Suitable for single page static websites through to fully secure ecommerce solutions.


Ability to integrate your website with multiple social media platforms.


Secure card transactions verified with payment safe providers.


Knowledgeable and friendly UK technical support to help with any questions.


Easy to migrate a live website from an existing provider.

Website Hosting FAQs

What is Website Hosting?

Website Hosting is the process of making your website available to the rest of the World.

In order for that to happen you need several parts to be setup

  1. First you need to register a domain name (this domain is
  2. The domain then points at some name servers.
  3. The name servers then utilise DNS servers which tells the World where your website lives, where to send emails etc
  4. Finally you need a server to store the files that make up your website and display them at the right time.

For a more detailed description of how this all works see our Introductory guide to web hosting

Can I transfer my website from another hosting provider?

Yes, it is possible to transfer your website from another provider to Absolutely PC’s business website hosting. However, there are a couple of caveats:

  1. If you currently host with providers such as wix, square space or yell then your website has been built with a template that cannot be moved.  The same is true of some web designers that use custom content management systems that prevent you from moving.  In all of these cases you would need to have a new website designed.
  2. If your website uses certain technologies we might not be the best hosting provider for you.  Our servers are optimised for running WordPress and eCommerce platforms.

As specialists in WordPress and associated technologies, we will not take on hosting for a technology we are not able to fully support.  Our hosting technicians will be able to advise if your website is compatible with our hosting platform before anything is transferred.

As a buisness you do not have the time or possibly in-house resources to manage the transfer process.  As a result we can handle all of the liaison with your existing hosting provider and website designer to ensure no downtime.

Since emails are often hosted by the website provider we are also able to seemlessly transfer your email to an Office 365 account

Do you offer website hosting support?

Yes, we pride ourselves on our fast UK-based web hosting support.  The web hosting servers are monitored 24×7 with emergency response if they were to ever fail outside of office hours.

Do you offer SSL certificates?

Yes, and we highly recommend adding them to your hosting package. Not only do SSL certificates improve consumer confidence, but search engines also favour websites that have them.

Our SSL certificates are globally renowned which ensures effectiveness across all browsers, something which can be an issue with cheap or free SSL certificates.

Many of our hosting packages include an SSL as part of the price and this will include installation by one of the hosting technicians

What measures are taken to prevent my website being hacked.

Unfortunately website hacking is a real threat that occurs too often.  Most of the time is is a result of a lack of maintenance in either the hosting server or the website and associated plugins.

Our website hosting servers are patched regularly to ensure that the latest versions are being run and known vulnerabilities have been addressed.  Advanced firewalls detect many of the incoming threats and ensure they do not reach your website.

Your website code and the plugins used by your website are outside of our remit and would normally be updated by a web designer.

The servers have advanced cross-scripting controls in place to ensure that infected websites hosted on our server do not affect any other website on the server.

Can you support my website if it is hacked?

The web hosting and security technicians are able to assist with hacked websites.  The normal process is:

  • Identify the cause, how did the hackers gain access.
  • Lock down the source to ensure hackers cannot gain access.
  • Remove infected files.
  • Restore files that have been corrupted beyond repair, from a backup

Depending on how badly the site is damaged the repair process can take 1 to 4 hours.

This is included in some of our hosting packages ensuring you are never presented with an unexpected support bill.  If you chose to not utilise one of these packages a quote will be sent before work is carried out.

Do you take backups of my website?

Most of our hosting packages include backups as part of the price.  Backups are an important part of ensuring your website health and can be an important strategy when recovering from serious website infections.

Backups are taken and stored for 3 months, restoration is available by request from our support team.

Reliable Hosting for Your Business Website

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Unlike some other providers, Absolutely PC are accountable and easy to get hold of. The phone support they offer is invaluable and the team are always friendly, patient and responsive. Marcus is a credit to the company and always provides support in a jargon free manner. Highly recommend.

Jonny Hodgson

Absolutely PC have supported our business and I have worked closely with them for a number of years. During this time they have gone above and beyond to support our business and I always really appreciate them taking the time to explain things to me. I in particular want to highlight Marcus who I have worked with on countless projects, his expertise is fantastic and I have never received support for hosting services that can compete with this.

Jessica Lawrence

Absolutely recently helped us with our office move and were really efficient to ensure the whole transition went as smoothly as possible. The team walked us through the different stages both in person and over the phone when ironing out any teething problems, and were always on hand to help

Maria Rees

I always recieve fantastic service from Absolutely PC, they are quick to answer calls and resolve any issues with great efficency. the whole team is super freindly and supportive. Recently I have dealt with Jack, Andy and Anas who have all been brilliant.

Ed Jackson

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