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Cyber security is now an essential for businesses. Absolutely PC uses training coupled with state of the art technology to ensure your data and hardware is protected from cyber security threats. 

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With more aspects of everyday business now carried out online, cyber security best practices are no longer limited to an office manager’s responsibility or delegated to the IT department.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to safeguard business data, including confidential emails, customer records, payment information and anything which could compromise an individual or your business.

Cyber security attacks are on the rise and the recent SolarWinds attacks show that businesses of all sizes are at risk. Threats can come from inside and outside of your business, at any time of the day or night. Rather than the threat coming from a local competitor, some businesses are targeted by International criminal gangs looking for easy targets to extract data. Instead of breaking down the door to steal PCs and laptops, the threat can come from a telephone call or an email.

Cyber attacks can come in the form of denial of service, slowing your internet connection or taking your business offline. Viruses can infect your emails, files, hardrives and transmit throughout an unprotected network in seconds. Malware can destroy applications and data and ransomware can be used to demand huge sums of money in exchange for unlocking your files.

Absolutely PC offers edge security to protect your servers, PCs, laptops and tablets from harm before the threat reaches your data coupled with next-generation solutions including dark web monitoring tools, network security services, password management software and data encryption. Our services also help empower businesses to reduce the risk of cyber attacks, with staff training and Cyber Essentials certification

Key Features of Cyber Security Services


Cyber security training services to ensure staff understand the risks and how to prevent them.


Setting up internal controls, e.g. blocking access to games, adult content and gambling websites.


Edge security, blocking harmful files and content at the gateway of your network.


Driver and patch updates and software upgrades to remove third-party vulnerabilities.


Carrying out vulnerability testing of your networks and providing results with detailed recommendations.


Professional cyber security tools including dark web monitoring, password management and spam prevention.


End-to-end encryption for confidential data, e.g. card payment details and online banking.


Support to protect your organisation against the most common cyber threats through Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

The Human Element of Cybersecurity

With staff more likely to be targeted by attacks, particularly when working remotely,  the human element of cyber security is an important factor that can be overlooked.

Failure to recognise threats such as phishing emails, working from unprotected personal machines or poor password management can undo even the most secure IT systems.

We recognise and understand the human element of cyber security, offering cyber awareness training to ensure that staff can spot threats such as phishing emails and know who to report them to.

We also empower businesses and staff by using tools to support with password management and monitor any data leaks on the dark web

Cyber Security FAQs

Can you block access to certain sites on my business network?

Yes, our internet controls can completely block access to websites featuring games, gambling, or any other websites you specify. Additionally, we can reduce risks by blocking ports, monitoring the files that staff are downloading, restricting access to files from specific geolocations and patching network equipment.

Can you reduce spam emails?

Yes, as well as offering basic solutions that monitor inboxes and automatically send spam to the junk folder, we can provide more advanced solutions that block malicious emails before they hit your systems and an advanced scanner that scans links within an email to ensure the website is safe before the email is received.

How can I reduce the risk of a cybersecurity threat?

To reduce the risk of a cybersecurity threat, you should ensure that all of your software and hardware is kept up to date with the latest patches and updates to remove vulnerabilities. Anti-virus is also essential for blocking malicious software and monitoring your systems for threats.

We also have a training program available to educate your staff on the key things to be looking our for.  Technology can go so far to protect you but trained staff go a long way to protect you from threats.

I have a virus, can you help?

If you think you have malware on your system, give us a call on 0117 975 9523 and one of our expert team will be able to perform a complete audit of your system and, in most cases, remove the threat without any of your data or hardware being impacted.

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity, which may be reffered to as IT security, cyber protection and computer security amongst other things is the introduction of protections including processes, technologies and devices to protect a business from digital attacks. 

Using a managed cyber security solutions provider helps business protect themselves whilst empowering staff to take responsiblity of the cyber security of their devices and the business at large.

Secure Your IT Systems & Data

Is your business looking to secure its IT systems and networks from cybersecurity threats such as ransomware, viruses and malware?

Call us on 0117 975 9523 or fill out the form below and one of the team can arrange a free discussion about security in your business. 



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