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Absolutely PC supports marketing agencies migration from a fixed server to the cloud.

All Things Web® is a marketing agency that was established in 2001, offering a range of digital and offline marketing services to businesses across a wide range of sectors. 

With flexible delivery options including outsourced marketing, consultancy and tailored training, ATW has seen significant growth over the past 2 decades and are industry beating in terms of client retention and satisfaction.

To keep data secure and easily accessible for the team, ATW used a fixed physical server to store information including company information, HR records, client work and other legal information.

Absolutely PC has worked with ATW for the past 5 years, providing managed IT support, new hardware and being the recommended website hosting supplier for their own clien

Problems they were facing

As the fixed server aged, it could no longer be supported. ATW also struggled with blanket role-based permissions, the rigidity of this made collaboration on client work difficult without sending files via another medium such as email.

With the server in a fixed location at the head office, problems also emerged for staff when attempting to access the server from elsewhere through a VPN which, on occasion, caused downtime and efficiency issues. 

Having taken note of these issues, Absolutely PC contacted ATW to talk through the options available to them without the need to invest in a new physical server.

The Absolutely PC Solution

With specific requirements regarding access levels and prevention of file downloads from home PCs, the team at Absolutely PC spent time investigating possible solutions before recommending migrating from the physical server onto Office 365 using SharePoint. The benefits of this cloud based solution included:


Staff working remotely or in different offices could access the server seamlessly without the need for a VPN.


No maintenance costs, ATW would instead pay a fixed monthly fee based on their usage.


ATW can increase and decrease their memory limit based on the number of files they are storing.


Allows staff to collaborate on documents such as project worksheets in real-time.


Ability to lock down specific files and folders to individual people, meaning that staff could collaborate on client work without having access to everything within the folder. This also helped with data protection, enabling confidential information to be stored on the cloud server with restricted access instead of being stored elsewhere.


With files now safe in the cloud, ATW does not have to worry about hardware issues or backing up the files in another location. Absolutely PC also carry out backups to ensure no files are lost, even if a member of staff accidentally overwrites or deletes a file.

To ensure a smooth changeover, Absolutely PC supported with the migration of files from the physical server to the new cloud environment with the structure and access levels required by ATW.

To ensure nothing was left behind, Absolutely continued to provide support for an additional month whilst the cloud environment was up and running, this gave ATW the time to audit their data and delete anything that did not need to be moved across.


With the new solution installed and configured, the team at ATW were able to access files from wherever they were, with the business having the peace of mind that staff would only be able to access files they had been given permission to.

When changes such as new members of staff or changes or to folder permissions are required, the team at ATW are able to get fast support from Absolutely PC.

When the UK lockdown was enforced as a result of COVID-19, the team at ATW were able to switch to home working seamlessly, needing just an internet connection to operate as if they were working from the office.

Helen Moloney, Managing Director at ATW was extremely pleased with the service provided by Absolutely PC.

We have been using Absolutely PC for the past 5 years and in that time, the friendly and professional service they provide is greatly valued by the team. When we encounter any kind of problem with our tech, we know that that one of the team at Absolutely PC is just a phone call or email away, with no ticketing systems or long waits on hold.”

“Where another company may have recommended a new physical server, Absolutely PC took our individual needs into account and offered a solution that is ideal for our business in the long term – this forward thinking was significant when the lockdown came into force, with staff able to work from home seamlessly.

Helen Moloney, Managing Director – All Things Web®

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What People Are Saying

We would like to say a big thank you to John and his team for all the help you have given to our business over the years. Great service combined with great expertise. Couldn’t recommend you all enough.

Helen Moloney

I have been using John and his team’s IT support for many years in various businesses. They are always full of good ideas, pick up the phone and act quickly. You are never too small a business to have IT support at the end of a phone !

Alli Gay

Absolutely PC are a brilliant company to work with. Arthur David have worked with them for a number of years. They have a professional team of people, who are very knowledgeable and nothing is too much trouble.

Beth Tuck

Excellent service, I have been using Absolutely PC for the last few years now and would highly recommend them, nothing is too much hassle for them, 5 Stars,
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