Windows 11 is the latest version of Windows that will be available from the 5th of October 2021 as a free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 PCs.

Like every new version, Windows 11 brings improvements and enhancements to the platform that are designed to make Windows more powerful and efficient for users.

But should you upgrade right away? Like any new software release, there will undoubtedly be bugs that could impact your ability to operate as normal.

If you are thinking about upgrading, read our advice for businesses first.

Windows 11 vs Windows 10

Windows 11 is another evolution of Microsoft’s Windows platform and the first name change in over 5 years! The most significant differences between Windows 11 and its predecessor are:

  • A brand new interface (which is sure to divide opinions as always!)
  • Integration with Android applications
  • A new design for the taskbar including Microsoft Teams
  • Snap layouts for easier use when working with multiple tabs
  • Widgets such as weather, news, and calendars
  • Better support for voice, pen and touchscreen controls
  • Improved virtual desktop support

So, Should You Upgrade?

With all the fantastic new features that Windows 11 offers, it may be tempting to want to upgrade right away and we’ve already had clients approaching us to do so.

As with any new release, we would urge caution before jumping in and upgrading. New versions of Windows are prone to bugs and other issues, with patches and fixes released in the weeks and months after public release.

If a bug in the newest version of Windows caused your networks to go offline, your PC to crash or a feature to stop working; could you afford waiting days for a patch to be released?

Furthermore, the spec requirements to run Windows 11 are notably higher than what Windows 10 demands. For this reason, you may need to upgrade your hardware to take advantage of the new version of Windows.

Currently, our advice to clients and others thinking about upgrading is to hold on for the time being; this allows Microsoft time to fix any immediate bugs and vulnerabilities that are discovered at the initial release.

In the meantime, we can ensure that your PC and laptops are compatible with Windows 11 and get your business ready to upgrade seamlessly with no risk of downtime.

Talk to Absolutely PC

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