An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) ensures a clean, consistent and uninterrupted power flow to your essential systems and operations, protecting your data from energy fluctuations and power outages which can result in downtime.   

In contrast to a backup generator which can take a while to start, a UPS can supply power instantly, protecting both your data and machinery, enabling you to save files and safely shut down your device.

Don’t risk losing important files and client data: read below to find out why you should protect your business by investing in a UPS.

Risks of Power Loss:

A loss of power can be catastrophic for your business. In our data-driven world where almost all companies rely on technology, it is crucial that these systems remain operative to avoid the following risks;

  • Loss of income – If employees are unable to work due to a loss of power, you run the risk of forfeiting valuable income. On average, a power outage can cost small businesses in the UK around £800 per hour of downtime.
  • Unsaved work – There is nothing more frustrating than unsaved work being lost. Avoid the prospect of having to start again with a UPS which will allow you to save your work properly and permit you to work through the power outage.
  • Data Protection – Damage to your computer or server as a result of power infrequencies can lead to a loss of important data which can be crucial to your business.
  • Time wasting – Should work be lost due to a power failure, your employees will lose time redoing tasks they have already completed and will be less productive whilst the power is off. A UPS will give you peace of mind while working, and ensure your time and effort is never wasted.
  • Reputational Risk – Should your business suffer a power failure which causes the above risks, clients may feel their data and confidence is better placed with your competitors. A UPS ensures that you can continue business without fear of losing data and, ultimately, customers.
  • Data Corruption – If a new piece of data is partly added to a database when power is lost, it can cause corruption which renders the entire database corrupt.  If this is an off the shelf product such as a CRM or Sage, this may mean having to roll the database back to the previous backup. This can have significant implications for the business and result in many days of lost work if the corruption isn’t picked up right away.

What can a UPS be used for?

It is worth considering a UPS for the following equipment;

  • Server – As a key component of your business infrastructure, it is crucial that your server is protected.
  • Network Attached Storage devices (NAS) – These are very sensitive to power fluctuations and so would benefit from added security.
  • Desktop computers – Unlike laptops, desktop computers do not feature a battery pack and therefore will immediately switch off when power is lost. It would be great to add a UPS to every computer, but in reality, you should first protect those that are critical within the business.
  • Networking equipment – If your business relies on virtual services and depends on online communication, it is worthwhile adding a single UPS to protect all necessary equipment.

Networking Being Fitted By IT Technician

How will a UPS Benefit my Business?

As well as bringing peace of mind to your business, installing a UPS will;

  • Provide break-free power in the event of power failure – This means you can always continue working even if there is a power outage or electrical surge.
  • Protect from power shifts – A UPS controls voltage instability through a stable power output and can protect your devices from damage-causing power shifts.
  • Reduce the risk of income loss – The benefits far outweigh the costs here. The cost of losing productivity as well as that which may incur when retrieving lost data can be forgotten about with the installation of a UPS.
  • Provide an opportunity to backup essential data – This is especially important if you are working with confidential data which may not be easily retrievable. A UPS will allow employees time to backup important data and power down their machines safely. With the assurance of data protection, there is less reputational risk to your business.

Which UPS is right for your Business?

With many varieties of UPS to choose from, it is important you opt for the correct system for your business needs. While there are many helpful guides available, it is important to consult an expert provider to ensure the UPS you choose can handle the equipment you wish to support.

Need help choosing a UPS?

There are many considerations that businesses must consider when choosing the correct UPS. As a leading business IT support company, we can offer expert advice on which hardware best suits the needs of your business.

If you are looking to protect your business from the risks associated with power loss, ensuring you have the correct UPS will provide significant benefits to your team in terms of efficiency, cost and productivity.

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