We are pleased to announce that two members of staff at Absolutely PC have become DrayTek Certified Network Admins for DrayOS and VigorAP, congratulations Louis & Jack.

Jack & Louis, who are both First Line Engineers at Absolutely PC, attended a 2-day course including a practical exam which involved configuring a DrayTek router in compliance with a list of requirements.

Find out more about their success, what was involved in the DrayTek course and how Jack & Louis’ achievements benefit our customers in our latest blog post.

Who Are DrayTek?

DrayTek is a manufacturer of networking equipment such as routers, modems, wireless access points and mesh systems developed primarily for business use.

At Absolutely PC, we use DrayTek to ensure that customers have reliable and secure connectivity within their IT systems. As DrayTek authorised dealer, our customers benefit from faster support and direct purchasing power.

What Was Involved?

The DrayTek Certified Network Administrator training is a 2-day course which covers all the major technologies and features to enable DrayTek products to be used to their full capabilities. 

The 2-day course was broken down into key topics which included a theory presentation from experienced DrayTek technicians, followed by guided practical exercises. The topics covered throughout the course included:

  • WAN (Wide Area Network) – Including establishing WAN connections, WAN load balancing, WAN failover, WAN IP alias, triple play (multi-PVCs/VLANs) and WAN budget.
  • LAN (Local Area Network) – Including router LAN configuration, DHCP server options and multiple subnet and VLAN.
  • NAT (Network Address Translation) – Including port redirection, open port, DMZ and ALG.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) – Including LAN-to-LAN VPN set up, remote dial-in VPN set up and advanced features.
  • Routing – Including the routing table, static routing, dynamic routing, policy-based routing, inter-VLAN routing and verifying setting for routing.
  • Firewall and Content Security Management – including firewall filter rules, CSM (content security management) and DoS Defense.
  • Wireless Lan and VigorAP – Including radio settings, SSID setup, roaming and features for public Wi-Fi.
  • Central Management – Including central AP management, central switch management and central VPN management.
  • Bandwidth Management – Including traffic shaping and policing, bandwidth limit, QoS and session limit.

The Practical Exam

Following delivery of the course, Jack & Louis had the opportunity to put their new skills to test. During the exam, participants had to configure a DrayTek router to be compliant with a list of requirements related to a topic they had learned about over the 2 day course.

Participants were then marked against how well they implemented the required configurations and if they met the required specification. Both Louis and Jack passed the examination with flying colours and were awarded their DrayTek certificates which are valid for 3 years.

“DrayTek is a technology that we use regularly here at Absolutely PC. To have two certified DrayTek network administrators on the team offers a real benefit to our clients, we are all proud of their recent achievement.”

“Seeking out development opportunities like the DrayTek certifications are a big part of our commitment to training and nurturing staff throughout their careers”

John Williams, Managing Director – Absolutely PC

DrayTek Authorised Dealers

If you currently use DrayTek hardware in your business, are your systems being supported by a professional that has extensive knowledge of how the technology works?

As well as having DrayTek administrators in our team, our authorised dealer status means we can offer customers enhanced support with DrayTek systems. 

Congratulations Jack & Louis

Once again, congratulations to Jack & Louis on their recent certification. If you would like to find out more about DrayTek systems and how they could benefit your business, give one of the team a call today 0117 975 9523 to discuss your requirements.