With Halloween fast approaching, there might be ghostly goings on outside, but what happens when your IT equipment starts behaving ghoulishly? Here are six ways to tackle those devilish IT disasters.

  1. Noisy Computer Fan

If your computer suddenly starts making noises, it’s not down to things that go bump in the night. Chances are, it’s just your computer fan playing tricks. You will need to clean your computer and upgrade your hardware to kill a noisy computer fan.

  1. Water Spillages

You could blame a ghost for spilling water on your laptop, but, either way, it is still grave news for your computer if you don’t act straightaway. Pull the power cord out immediately, without worrying about shutting down properly. Turn the laptop upside down and remove the battery. Never plug in the battery or power lead. contact laptop experts Absolutely PC for further guidance.

  1. Possessed Computer

If your computer starts sending out emails of its own accord, you may believe it’s been possessed by a phantom monster or has developed magic powers. Put those scaremongering thoughts to one side, however. The most likely cause is that your computer has contracted a virus.

  1. Computer Won’t Start

If your computer won’t switch on, there are various reasons this may be happening. Consult the experts to wave their magic wand over it to identify the cause.

  1. Ward Off the Baddies

It’s not just those in the afterlife you have to be frightened of this Halloween; there are plenty of baddies in the real world ready to perform pranks on you. Avoid your IT equipment getting stolen or hacked by following security procedures and performing regular back-ups.

  1. Crashing and Freezing

If your computer keeps crashing or the screen freezes, a wicked witch hasn’t cast an evil spell on your desktop. You’ve most likely got some kind of error with your operating system or hardware, which will need to be properly diagnosed by IT wizards.

IT disasters can put the frighteners on you, but with Absolutely PC’s magic touch, you’ll quickly discover that your computer problems aren’t as ghastly as you thought. Find out more about the services we offer here.