Microsoft Exchange is an email, calendar and contacts communications solution, commonly used by businesses. For anyone seeking more features, functions and usability than basic email, it represents a more advanced level of communications system, enabling users to collaborate and share information with each other.

Having the ability to send and receive emails to colleagues, share calendars, arrange and view meetings and create contact lists, which others can see, makes Microsoft Exchange an integral communications solution for businesses that have multiple employees. It lets staff manage communications more effectively, keeping each other in the loop at all times.

For business owners, Microsoft Exchange is a boon when it comes to being able to control and manage team calendars, arrange meetings and keep a tab on staff. As a secure system with built-in spam filters, it can identify potential threats, while streamlining communications between colleagues, and improving the efficiency and productivity of a workforce.

The beauty of Microsoft Exchange is that it has the ability to sync with mobile devices, so that no matter where staff are, they are able to access updated emails, contact lists and calendar information. This is especially useful for staff who work remotely or travel with their job. Additionally, for staff away on holidays or off work through illness, the collaborative feature of Microsoft Exchange means other employees can access vital emails or contact lists, during their absence.

Losing important emails can be disastrous to a business, but the advantage of using Microsoft Exchange is that it is backed up by the cloud, so users don’t ever need to worry about loss of data, such as if a computer got stolen or stopped working. Working in a similar way to Apple Cloud, this back-up feature is a vital component for businesses using email communication. You can choose to have Microsoft Exchange as a hosted exchange or a server based exchange.

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