Microsoft is warning Windows users about a currently unpatched security flaw in the Windows Print Spooler service which is being actively exploited.

Whilst waiting on a fix from Microsoft, Window’s PCs are potentially vulnerable to be hacked whenever they are switched on.

At Absolutely PC, we have applied a fix to all client PCs which ensures that the flaw cannot be exploited and your systems remain protected.

To ensure your Windows computers and laptops that are not covered by Absolutely PC are not at risk, follow the instructions below.

How To Fix The Flaw

1. Hold down Windows button + R

2. In the box that appears type services.msc

3. Scroll down the services and right click the service called ‘Print Spooler’

4. Select ‘Stop’

Are You Leaving Your Business Vulnerable?

If you don’t have a proactive managed IT support company looking after your business, you could be leaving yourself vulnerable to cyber threats like these.

As we become more reliant on technology, cybersecurity is becoming an ever growing area of concern for businesses of all sizes all across the world and many businesses across the UK have invested heavily in cyber security including Cyber Essentials certification to protect their data.

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