When a computer doesn’t boot up it leaves the user in a state of frustration and panic.  Several errors may be reported including the one in the image.

The four questions we are asked most about this issue are:

  1. What exactly has happened?
  2. Is my data safe?
  3. How can the problem be resolved?
  4. How can you avoid this problem?

What has happened

These errors can be caused by several factors but have one device in common – the hard drive.  The hard drive is the device that contains the data for the computer to start up and unfortunately all of your personal data as well.  These errors can be caused by something as simple as a loose cable or as serious as a failure of the hard drive.

Is my data safe ?

Without examination there is no way to tell whether your data is safe or not.  What cannot be over stated enough is that the sooner you turn off the power the more likely it is that we can rescue your data.  If the error has been caused by a drive that is failing, rather than one that has failed, there is a good chance we can rescue your data.

How can the problem be resolved?

Firstly we would identify the cause.  A corrupt file or damaged master boot record can be fixed very quickly whereas a failing or failed hard drive will take somewhat longer.  Although we are happy to give tips on repairing small errors we would recommend that this one is left to our technicians.

How can you avoid this problem?

If a hard drive is failing you may get a few warning signs in the weeks or months prior.  Some of those to look out for are:

  • An increase in the volume of the “ticking” noise heard from your computer
  • Regular blue screen errors (also known as blue screen of death or BSOD)
  • Startup times increase
  • The time to open certain files increases
  • Some files will not open or report they are corrupt.

Managed IT Support

As a customer of Absolutely PC, our managed IT support service means that we proactively monitor your PCs and other machines to ensure they are always working and up to date.