Summer can creep up on us. It seems like only weeks ago we were cranking up the office heating on frosty mornings, but now we are shedding clothes left, right and centre, dashing to the shop on ice lolly runs, and substituting the kettle for the water cooler. It’s not just staff who can overheat during the summer, PCs also need to be protected from burn out, ensuring they see a full life cycle. So let’s take a look at some ways to look after both humans and machines, keeping productivity up in the hotter seasons.

Reduce Cable Length

Only use the minimum cable length needed for your PCs. Cables which are longer than they need to be can contribute to overheating, restrict airflow within a computer, and even disrupt a PC’s fan. So ensure they are just as long as they need to be.

Fine Tune Your Aircon

As obvious as it sounds, you might be surprised at how many companies neglect to use their air conditioning system when needed or fail to optimise its effectiveness. Temperatures should be consistent, and set at an agreeable rate, rather than lurching between extremes. If you are an organisation without an A/C facility, ensure you have an adequate number of fans to cover all employees when the heat strikes.

Don’t ‘box up’ Your PCs

While some organisations might have chosen a desk design because it keeps computer towers out of sight, this is definitely not the best place for a PC in the summer months. Avoid ‘boxing up’ your PCs in the summer, and leave them out in the open to help safeguard against overheating.

Stay Hydrated

Some of us have a habit of choosing warm drinks such as tea or coffee over water. While these beverages might perform the task of warming us up, they are also caffeinated, with the potential to dehydrate. For this reason, during hot periods it is worth taking a caring approach and reminding employees to keep themselves topped up with water. Failure to do so could result in an office which is seriously lagging!

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