With many of us taking time off work over Christmas, and focusing on the frivolities of the season, it can be easy for IT systems to get less attention at this time of year. Yet, IT systems can be vulnerable when staff aren’t around, so safeguarding them over the festive period can prevent disasters from occurring.

Create an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Before you head home for Christmas, create an IT disaster recovery plan, and make sure someone is responsible for keeping a check on IT systems over the holidays. Hire off-site services if you don’t have staff available for this.

Communicate Relevant Information

If your IT manager is away over Christmas, make sure that those left in charge have access to relevant information they might need in case of an emergency, such as passwords or IT service provider details.

Safeguard Your Back-up Operations

Even if you’ve shut down for Christmas, you shouldn’t cease backing-up your IT systems. Consider ways to securely back-up your data for peace of mind. In particular, have additional back-ups off site.

Be Prepared for Power Cuts

If you experience a power cut over Christmas, this could prove disruptive to IT systems, which may be detrimental to the continuity of your business. Don’t let power cuts put a downer on the festive mood, so use battery back-ups for additional reassurance.

Focus on Winter Weather

Make sure your business is prepared for winter weather, which can cause havoc at this time of year, especially if premises are empty. Floods and storms, in particular, have coincided with Christmas these last few years, so have a winter weather contingency plan in place.

Security Measures

An empty building is an opportune target for criminals, so make sure you don’t return from Christmas to find you’ve been burgled. Set alarms, leave lights on and consider hiring security services to keep a check on your building at this vulnerable time of year. If you have any valuable physical assets, it might be worth keeping them off site.

Talk To The Experts

Contact Absolutely PC if you need assistance with backups or safeguarding your IT systems this Christmas.