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Get the basics right with pie.

I’m sure we can all agree that an apple pie is one of the most basic desserts ever. However, if done well, it can be delightful.

To do something perfectly you must always plan.
By devising a basic plan, you can sort out what needs doing and when it will be done.

To make sure you’ve got all the ingredients for your recipe of work, it is important the gather all the little bits of information to make sure everything is considered, so things run smoothly.

And lastly, to set and except expectations. Performing to expectations is a pleasing thing to do for everyone, it also helps set a deadline and makes things easier to manage.

By following these simple steps, you really can have your pie and eat it, and it will be delicious.

We are friendly and polite no matter how stressful the situation.

Have you ever been on the phone to someone and they just could not seem bothered to talk to you? Or even be put in the position where you feel them taking out their anger on you.

Customers rely on us to support them and their businesses with technology they may not fully understand. Therefor it’s important for us to remain polite and friendly when keeping the customer informed, particularly in the face of urgent and/or business critical issues

Imagine for a moment, you have arrived at your office and turned on your computer but wait a minute, nothing is happening – it is completely dead.  It suddenly dawns on you that you left your laptop at home and that is an hours drive each way, possible 2 hours given how bad the traffic is today. An absolute nightmare.
Luckily, we completely understand situations happen daily that can cause you to be immensely stressed. And we are here to help ease that stress.

We face many scenarios which can be extremely stressful for clients and even ourselves.

If we can remain calm, positive and stress free, we can do our very best to help our clients understand.
This should give the client a positive experience and helps us become the very best we can be.

Accuracy is everything. This is one of our 12 rules we apply to our daily lives here at AbsolutelyPC.   

Completing the task with perfection. Ensuring we do the best job we can to sort the problem correctly. 

Carefully navigating systems so that further problems don’t occur. 

Utilizing cutting edge technology to solve everyday problems with ease. 

Reliable advice. We build trust with our clients by sharing reliable advice and services. 

Always making sure everything’s done with care.  

Correctly managing time. Being accurate means we can manage ours and save yours. 

Years of experience helps us to make accurate decisions. 

‘Time is our most important asset- record it, charge for it, respect it and help others save it’. 

I think we can all agree everyone’s time is precious. Whether its work related or even personal, we always feel that there is never enough time for everything. And Isn’t it so frustrating just sitting there helpless just waiting for technology to work whenever there’s a slight issue. 

We all use technology everyday so when your essential equipment randomly stops working it is such an inconvenience.  

And that’s why we are here to help save you and your time. Managing our time helps us to also save yours, everyone’s happy right?  

As a business we have to make money, if for no other reason than to pay our staff!  We believe that by accurately recording and charging for time is the fairest way to do this and of course we should be saving you way more than this cost. 

By accessing your computer remotely, we can sort your issues straight away without having to worry about scheduling a physical examination. 

The way we operate to make our prices are fair is by recording the time our time against what we are helping to fix, to ensure we are getting things done as quick and efficiently as we can for you. Because no one likes a time waster after all. 

Advise and deliver the right solution for each customer – although it may not be the easiest. 

Finding the quickest solution is most certainly not always the best. Making sure we deliver the right solution to fit you is always our main priority.  

Sometimes there might be all sorts of obstacles in the way when trying to fix a problem. 

Especially when dealing with complex tasks at hand, it is always important to get the right key to fit the lock- not one that just looks like it will. 

Part of our role to play is making sure we always advise the most helpful and clear instructions as these could have huge impacts on your systems.  

Making sure we put maximum effort into finding the right solution for you even if it’s not easy. 

By challenging ourselves to find different solutions not only does it expand knowledge but benefits you extending longevity of the solution. 

Smile, be positive and above the line in all situations 

Sometimes things go wrong, and it is very frustrating. It’s easy to get into a negative headspace and spiral.  

Trying to remain above the line is always something to strive for. 

Being above the line means having a positive mind set in any situation for example being optimistic, encouraged, determined and motivated – Keeping those negative thoughts to one side. 

Taking responsibility and learning from mistakes is a key factor to helping stay above the line. It also helps us work as a team more effectively. 

By our staff applying this to daily mindset, it’s not only beneficial to customers but is also beneficial to us. 

A tidy workplace is an efficient one.  

Everyone knows that clear space equals a clear mind, well this rule applies also in a workplace.  

The psychological impact of cleanliness can mean such a little thing can have a huge impact without you even realizing. 

Have you ever lost your keys and just cannot seem to find them anywhere? You turn out pockets, look on every surface and under it and you just still can’t seem to find them. And lets be honest, its usually because of mess this happens.  

Having piles of forms scattered all over your workplace just screams chaos. Keeping your workplace tidy means you can easily stay on top of things mentally and it also makes things easier to sort.  

By sustaining a tidy workspace, it also helps with consistency and routine, often making you more efficient. 

Working with technology, its vital to have a clean workspace to ensure we can help you quickly and efficiently without anything getting in the way like a messy desk. 

Winning is a team sport that needs everyone to perform  

Being a team player isn’t always the easiest. 

When you think you can do something the best and most efficient way yourself you sometimes think its easier to just do without anyone else, but I think we can collectively agree, it’s better to have many brains than just one. 

Believe it or not but clients are part of the team too. In order for us to perform perfectly, it always makes a difference when a client is cooperative. 

Utilizing everyone’s collective knowledge and skills combined is very important when it comes to finding a strong well-rounded solution. 

Really, it’s like playing tug of war mentally; if you had the problem, you’re trying to overcome on one side and just yourself the other, it will be challenging it if you can’t work out how to solve it, however, if you had yourself and several other people helping, the challenge is far more likely to be overcome a lot easier and quicker.   

Winning is also more rewarding when you have people to share the celebration with, which also helps build stronger teamwork.  

Tackle, succeed and overcome, doing it as one. 

‘Knowledge is a gift to be shared’ 

Knowledge truly is power, so we are always eager to share it with you.  

Have you ever noticed that your business runs more smoothly and profitably when you have the right information? By sharing valuable I.T. advice, our aim is to provide huge value to your business. 

When dealing with complex problems daily, simplifying them so that everyone can understands is crucial. 

At Absolutely PC we also believe our know-how should be passed amongst each other, making us a stronger, well-rounded team.   

The world is ever evolving and so is technology, this means that knowledge is meant to be challenged, to push limits so we are always expanding. 

The only failure is the failure to participate. 

Try, and try again. 

The true failure is to not try. 

With participating, no idea or suggestion is a bad one. This is because it stimulates thought for not only yourself but others. 

The chances of providing the right answer are always going to be higher if spoken than failing to provide one.  

We all have moments where we stay quiet as we worry about what other people might think about our own thoughts. We ask, “what if it’s completely different to their thoughts and they disagree?”. Well… most of the time it’s actually good they do, because how boring and uncreative would the World be if that wasn’t the case, and everyone was the same. Change wouldn’t happen in the World if no one was opposed and new ideas weren’t suggested. 

In order to further progress, questions, suggestions and participation must be utilized. 

Participating has a strong effect on others as it allows everyone to open, allowing greater access to the mind and improving productivity  

A big value we have at Absolutely PC is to actively encourage others to speak their minds and grow as a collective, always supporting one an another. 

Wow someone today! 

I think everyone can agree there’s nothing better than feeling appreciated. To feel that everything you’ve done has paid off, even it’s only the littlest thing. 

Taking that little bit extra care with the job you’re doing can have huge impacts for everyone. 

Sometimes just being adaptable can make a real positive impression on someone.  

We deal with clients daily and help solve any issue they have, however try and go that extra mile. For example, a client recently had an issue with email and was working all day so couldn’t sort it, so a member of our team stayed up until 8pm to help fix the problem. Clients like this man are so impressed that they show this on a review.  

Wowing people can also really mean just some small little detailed done well that when all put together gives you a wow experience. Have you ever been to a restaurant, and everything is just perfect? The staff are amazing, everything looks great, the food is lovely, and the atmosphere is just right. Just one of these factors on there own might not be anything special, however collectively it creates the most perfect experience leaving your self-saying wow.  

Make someone’s day so much so they would go out of their way just to express how impressed they were. 

Be in constant contact with customers, past and present – we are here for them. 

Trust among ourselves is one of our core values. We also carry this out by building trust with our customers. 

Doesn’t it just make things so much more pleasant when you go somewhere and truly feel taken care of, like all your problems are listened to and accounted for.  

We believe that staying connected and supporting customers helps.  

By having 30-day rolling contracts means you’re able to stay with us as long as you wish. 

There is always someone available on our help desk open to assist with any problems and queries, whether you’re an existing or previous customer. 

We treat people as people and as a result we are interested in them as individuals not just them as a business.  It means we form long term relationships that continue to flourish over time. 

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