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An uninterruptible power supply, commonly known as a UPS, is essentially a battery that can be used to run your computer, server, NAS, screen, router, switch or anything else that would normally use mains electricity. So why exactly would you want one?

The short and simple answer is: “to protect your data and your computer and allow you to work uninterrupted during a short power failure”. The UK is facing a very real threat of a shortage of electricity at the moment and with the increased power requirements of winter then power issues are much more likely. The Royal Academy of Engineering has just published a report detailing the cost of power shortages to the UK economy and it makes concerning reading. So how can you protect your business and your equipment?

Imagine working all day on a report that has a deadline of tomorrow morning, you have been religiously saving the report every hour and you are on the home straight. Only 30 minutes and you can go home to your family. Suddenly the lights in the office flicker and your PC screen goes blank, you curse and after waiting for a few minutes press the power button. The screen comes on but it just shows some white text stating “hard disk error”. Do you feel sick yet? What exactly has happened?

Computers store information on a hard drive and if power is suddenly cut there is a very high probability that it will cause damage to the drive and corruption of the data on it. Sudden power fluctuations can also cause damage to other components in the computer.

The worst case I have personally seen is damage to the power supply, motherboard, 4 hard drives and the RAM. The total cost of repair was £390 for parts and £3000 for data recovery from the hard drives, as the business had no backups either!

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