A modern day business faces many pressures – from continually striving to improve the bottom line, to attempting to cut overheads while still making sure employees are provided with the best tools with which to do the job.

For this reason, outsourcing can be a good idea, especially where IT support is concerned. Why pay an in-house employee for one purpose, when they might only be needed part of the time? Outsourcing IT support allows you to enjoy services that look after your computer infrastructure ‘on tap’ – i.e. when you need them.

So why is there still a resistance in some quarters to seeking outside help with IT? It seems contracts have a lot to do with it. Companies are quite rightly circumspect about committing to a 12 or 24 month contract without seeing what they get for their money, and if it is worth it.

That’s why at Absolutely PC we provide one month rolling contracts. This allows you to experience the professional and responsive service we provide without having to commit to a long term contract.

Benefits of Outsourced IT Support

Well, one major advantage of an IT support service is that we are able to assess your IT infrastructure and prepare it for all eventualities. This means looking ahead at what could go wrong – with regards to security, data or software – and safeguarding against it, rather than dealing with a problem once it arises.

A contract also gives you the benefit of a quick response whenever you do need a helping hand, with your calls answered and addressed immediately, rather than waiting until the service provider has free time. You can also be sure there are no hidden charges awaiting you, which can often be the case for one-off projects when not signed up.

In short, agreeing to a one month rolling contract gives you the best of both worlds – the security and support of a contract, without the long-term commitment before you are ready.

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