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A Solid State Drive (SSD) will improve the the speed of your computers and laptops by a considerable amount.  I’m not just talking about shaving a few seconds off your boot-up time I am referring to the speed of everything that you do on your computer could be speeded up by a factor of 2 or 3. No really, the difference is very noticeable and this is one upgrade that will save you noticable amounts of time. Forbes wrote an article about the performace of using solid state drives and the figures speak for themselves

During a BNI meeting I presented this difference during a 60 second round.

So what exactly have you learnt from the video (apart from the fact I look very silly)?

The difference between old and new

Well, hard drives work by spinning around and the speed of the spinning platter is their limiting factor in transferring data. It also makes the standard hard drive more prone to damage as moving parts are less likely to survive if you drop your laptop for example.  With a spinning platter and moving parts the standard hard drive will have some vibration, some noise and will use a considerable amount of power.  In fact all of these properties means we advise on replacing your hard drive every 3 to 4 years

SSDs are essentially like the RAM in your computer except they do not loose the information when you turn the power off.  This allows them to work much more quickly and have greater reliability than a standard hard drive.

A SSD drive is over 100 times faster, uses 66% less power, is almost silent in operation and produces very little heat.

So what are the benefits…

So why should you bother upgrading your standard hard drives with Solid State Hard Drives (SSDs)

  • Data is encrypted on the drive – very secure.
  • Faster startup times
  • More responsive computer
  • Opening programs and files will seem almost immediate
  • Hard drive less likely to fail
  • Hard drive more robust which is great for laptops.
  • Battery life of your laptop will increase
  • Your computer will use less power – more eco-friendly
  • Less heat generated
  • Almost silent – no more whirling nosies.

What to do next

As a leading business IT support company in Bristol we are very experienced in assessing whether new technology will assist a business or not. Our aim is to find the right solution for each and every business we work with so they can see the long term benefit of investing in the right IT equipment and IT support.

To discuss how SSD technology could work with your business please give me a call on 0117 9759523 or fill in the form here and I will call you back.