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Small Office

Small offices with between 2 and 30 computers have their own unique challenges.  Some of the problems we see on a daily basis are:

Very slow systems – the office has often evolved organically starting with one computer running just a couple of pieces of software and more computers and more software has been added as the business has grown.   As a result people spend most of their time waiting for their PC, trying to find the right documents or just swapping between lots of different programs to get the information they need.

Emails either go unanswered or receive multiple replies – because there is no structure and because people leave some people end up with a dozen addresses and receive most of the emails.  Another common problem is that the same email is received by several people who all respond with different answers.

Everyone has a different printer and the cost of printer inks is starting to be noticed by the accounts department.  Maintaining lots of printers can be expensive.

Systems are unreliable – because of their age and lack of maintenance the computers and network is becoming unreliable.  Programs and networks work sporadically and everything is very slow.

The business owner fears the day that a computer breaks-down as there is no central resource and no tested backups.  The failure of a PC could stop the business working.

We have listened to a lot of businesses and understand the concerns about change.  Money, fear of data loss and loss of productivity are all reasons business owners do not want to change.  We have three simple guarantees:

  1. We will always agree a set price before we start
  2. We will never lose any of your data
  3. We will never leave you with a non-functioning system

If we do not meet these guarantees the job is free.

Phone us now to find out how we can help you become more productive.