Using shortcut keys can increase your productivity, why not pick out 1 new one a week and use it and you will find your speed increases…

The WinKey button is usually located on the bottom left of the keyboard (top right on some laptops) between the CTRL and Alt keys

The + symbol indicates that you need to hold down the preceding key / keys.  For example WinKey + E indicates that the windows key should held down whilst the “E” key is tapped just once. CTRL + SHIFT + A indicates that both the “CTRL” and “SHIFT” keys need to be held down whilst tapping once the “A” key.

Shortcut keys in Microsoft Windows operating systems

WinKey Equivalent to pressing “Start” button
WinKey + D Go to your desktop
WinKey + E Open Windows Explorer
WinKey + M Minimise all open windows
WinKey + F Open the Find box
WinKey + TAB Cycle through open windows


Shortcut keys in Microsoft Office Outlook

CTRL + SHIFT + A New calendar appointment
CTRL + SHIFT + M New email
CTRL + SHIFT + K New task
CTRL + SHIFT + C New contact


Shortcut keys in Microsoft Office Word and other word processors

CTRL + B Bold
CTRL + U Underline
CTRL + C Copy
CTRL + X Cut
CTRL + V Paste
CTRL + A Select All