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PC Repairs

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Computer Power Supply

The power supply converts the mains 240 volts into several different voltages that are required by the PC. As a result it is possible to get a faulty power supply even though the computer is still running. Failure of the power supply can have several symptoms:

  • No power to the PC, no lights and no fan noise
  • Power lights and fan noise but the PC will not start
  • The PC starts but fails during boot up
  • The PC boots into Windows but regularly fails with a blue screen

TOP TIPS to protect your PC from power related issues.

  • Use of a surge suppressor for all of your PC related equipment will reduce the risk of damage as a result of power spikes in the mains electrical supply
  • Use of a UPS will completely protect your PC from mains power failure and power spikes, allowing it to shut down properly in the case of mains power failure.

A failing power supply can cause damage to any other component so the sooner it is replaced the better.
Replacement power supplies start at £70 + VAT fitted and carry a 1 to 3 year warranty depending on brand.

Computer Motherboard

The motherboard is the primary piece of electronics in a PC and a failing motherboard can cause many obscure errors from not booting up through to occasional errors with USB devices.
Despite their complexity their price can be reasonable with costs starting at £90 + VAT fitted


The processor of a PC is unlikely to fail unless another component has failed. However their efficient running depends on heat being dissipated from them as quickly as possible.
We can upgrade the processor in your PC to make it run more quickly but more importantly we can clean and re-paste the processor and heat sink to ensure the machine runs quickly and efficiently.

TOP TIPS to increase the speed of your PC

  • Ensure your PC has adequate ventilation around it
  • Raise the PC off of the floor to allow air flow under the front of the case
  • Clean the surrounding areas regularly to prevent dust build up
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the back fan cover of the PC

Cleaning and re-pasting costs £15 + VAT and is included in our PC servicing package.

PC Memory

The memory of a PC, also known as RAM, is required to hold all of the information being used by the PC at that point in time. Inadequate RAM will cause a PC to run slowly and increase the wear on the hard drive. Adding additional RAM is often all that is required to turn a slow PC into a reasonably quick computer.

We only use Kingston RAM for upgrades as we believe this brand is the most stable and reliable available.

RAM upgrades start from £35 + VAT including fitting and carry a lifetime of the machine warranty.

Hard Drives

The hard drive is where all of your data is stored and generally has a life of 3 – 4 years. A failing hard drive will cause many of the following symptoms:

  • The PC becomes very slow to use
  • The windows operating system fails with a blue screen
  • On starting the PC, a check disk is run on a regular basis
  • On starting the PC, Windows will not start properly
  • A ticking noise can be heard from the PC which is louder than normal

TOP TIP to prolong the life of your hard drive

  • Ensure your PC has adequate RAM and this will reduce the amount of hard drive activity
  • Ensure your PC has adequate ventilation around it

Hard drives can be replaced and data recovered from them. If they are replaced in time the job is easy and no data is lost, if not data recovery can become expensive. More information on data recovery can be found in our service section.
We only use Seagate hard drives as we believe they manufacture the most reliable generic drives
PC hard drive replacement starts from £85 + VAT (fitted with data transfer) and hard drives carry a 3 year warranty.

Computer CD / DVD drives

Computer CD and DVD drives often fail with no warning. The symptoms vary:

  • No spinning noise when a disc is inserted
  • A spinning noise but discs are not recognised

Replacement CD / DVD drives can be supplied and fitted with costs starting at £60 + VAT which includes a 1 year warranty.

Computer Graphics Card

The graphics card prepares the image ready for display on the monitor. Failure rates are relatively low and often graphics problems are software related.
We can carry out a diagnostic and advise as to whether a graphics card replacement is required. We do not advise as to the best graphics cards to use for games as our focus is small business usage.

TOP TIPS for graphics cards

  • The use of a second monitor can significantly increase productivity but will often require a replacement graphics card.

Replacement graphics cards start at £85 + VAT fitted.

Computer Sound

It is unusual for a sound card to fail and most issues are software related. Although we assist small businesses in getting sound from their PC we do not specialise in high quality sound systems as might be used for entertainment systems.
We can supply a range of equipment from sound cards to speakers with prices available on request.

Computer Operating System

Most PCs run a Microsoft Windows operating system. Many problems can develop overtime as a result of incompatible hardware and software, out dated software, failing equipment, updates and viruses.
Our engineers are Microsoft certified and have a wealth of experience in repairing and maintaining operating system software.
Prices start from £10 + VAT for remote support.

Software Faults

Software that is loaded onto your PC can often fail to load or run correctly due to automatic updates, virus infection, hard drive corruption other incompatible software being loaded or many other issues.

Our engineers have a good knowledge of many software packages and how to fix them. If we cannot fix them immediately we will, where possible, work with the software manufacture to resolve the problem.