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Absolutely PC - Making I.T. working for you

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New PCs and Laptops

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New Systems

So many businesses struggle to make head-way when their IT is not supporting them that we take the time to discuss your current and future requirements so we are able to recommend the best hardware and software for you needs, allowing your IT to grow with your business.  Whether your requirement is a single laptop or an office full of PCs we believe that it is important to get it right.

We carry a small supply of emergency stock so we are able to get business up and running the same day and have 57,000 lines available next business day using accounts with all of the major distributers.

We have taken the time to become partners with HP, Microsoft, Acer, Netgear and several other manufacturers so we have their entire range available and most importantly their support if things go wrong.

Setup of the system

Buying the right system is important but having it configured and installed correctly is just as important, if not more so.  Systems can only perform reliably if the right settings are in place and although software has become more user friendly allowing users to setup basic PCs themselves we take it much further by optimising the systems to gain peak performance and reliability.

Transfer of data

Your data is the most important part of any system, which is why we send most of the setup time ensuring it is transferred entirely and correctly.  This means from the moment you turn on the PC you are able to start work with programs, emails, documents, pictures, favourites and a myriad of other personalised items all working correctly.


Finally, we ensure your new system is secure. We use a combination of settings and security software to protect your system so your system can continue to work without downtime associated with security issues.