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A network is the infrastructure that joins two or more computers together.  Within businesses there is a requirement to have a good quality, reliable and structured network to allow the computers that operate on it to be fast and reliable.


The installation of network cables and associated equipment is the basis of any network and is a job we carry out on a regular basis.  We always use high quality equipment that ensures a long lasting and reliable network.

Wired Networks

We are Netgear accredited network installers and use Netgear Prosafe equipment to build your office network.  If your office has between 2 and 30 PCs and requires a network that is fast and efficient then please phone us to arrange an appointment.

Wireless Networks

We do not recommend wireless networks as the basis for an office network, however, they do offer additional functionality in the following circumstances:

  • Visitor network
  • Use in difficult to cable areas
  • Additional connectivity for phones and laptops

We are Netgear accredited wireless installers and have experience in installing secure and reliable wireless networks for small offices through to Bed and Breakfasts.  Please phone to book an appointment .

Network Security

More than ever small business are under attack from cyber criminals wanting to steal everything from business data through to passwords for your bank and credit cards. We are able to advise and implement network security to protect your business from threats both inside and outside of your office.

Please call us to book an appointment.