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Laptop repairs

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Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop screens are delicate and can have several forms of damage:

  • Cracked or smashed screens as a result of physical damage, usually from being dropped
  • Scratches
  • Pixels that remain permanently lit or not lit or the most annoying, flashing pixels
  • Screens that have an image that can hardly be seen (no back-light)

TOP TIPS to avoid screen damage

  • Store and transport your laptop in a well padded bag
  • Avoid placing pens and pencils on the laptop keyboard area (most repairs result from the lid being shut whilst the pen is still present)

All laptop screens can be replaced with costs starting at £100 + VAT (including fitting) and all repairs have a 1 year warranty.


Inverters have the job of converting a low DC voltage to a high AC voltage in order to power the backlight of the laptop screen.  If they fail the screen image can be seen if you hold the laptop in bright light.

Repairs to inverters start at £60 + VAT (including fitting) and carry a 1 year warranty

Power Jacks

One of the weakest parts of a laptop is the power jack which is where the power cord is plugged in.  Over time the jack can separate from the motherboard causing the laptop to not charge properly.  Symptoms often include:

  • Laptop not charging at all
  • Laptop charging when the power cord is forced to one side
  • Sparks seen from the power jack area

Our advice is to not use your power cord and to have the repair carried out as soon as possible as prolonged use may cause damage to the motherboard or a short of the onboard fuse which will increase the repair cost.

TOP TIPS to avoid power jack issues:

  • Take care not to force the power cord into the laptop, it should fit with ease.
  • Avoid using your laptop on your lap whilst it is charging as any pressure on the power cord will shorten the life of the jack
  • Place your laptop in a sensible place when charging – many of the repairs we do are a result of people tripping on the power lead

Repair cost for a power jack is £100 + VAT with most power jacks being kept in stock. This repair carries a 1 year warranty.

Laptop Chargers

Often the laptop charger fails resulting in the laptop no longer charging.
Replacement original chargers and compatible chargers can be supplied with costs starting at £30 + VAT including  a 1 to 3 year warranty depending on the brand.

Laptop Keyboards

Over time laptop keyboards can become damaged with keys missing and debris under keys resulting in sticky or non functioning keys.
Replacement keyboards can be supplied with a 1 year warranty with costs starting at £60 + VAT fitted.

Laptop Battery

Laptop batteries do not last forever, over time the amount of power they retain reduces resulting in shorter times between charges.
We recommend changing your laptop battery every 18 months and can supply original and compatible batteries starting at £40 + VAT including a 1 year warranty

Hard Drives

The hard drive is where all of your data is stored and generally has a life of 3 – 4 years.  A failing hard drive will cause many of the following symptoms:

  • The laptop becomes very slow to use
  • The windows operating system fails with a blue screen
  • On starting the laptop, a check disk is run on a regular basis
  • On starting the laptop, Windows will not start properly
  • A ticking noise can be heard from the laptop which is louder than normal

TOP TIP to prolong the life of your hard drive

  • Ensure your laptop has adequate RAM and this will reduce the amount of hard drive activity
  • Try not to bang your laptop down when it is turned on
  • Ensure your laptop has adequate ventilation underneath it

Hard drives can be replaced and data recovered from them.  If they are replaced in time the job is easy and no data is lost, if not data recovery can become expensive.  More information on data recovery can be found in our service section.

Laptop hard drive replacement starts from £85 + VAT (fitted with data transfer) and hard drives carry a 3 year warranty.

Laptop Motherboard

The motherboard is the main board in the laptop and it’s failure can often render the repair non-viable for cheaper laptops.
Motherboard replacement costs vary enormously and a full quote will be given based on the model of laptop.

Laptop CD / DVD drives

Laptop CD and DVD drives often fail with no warning.  The symptoms vary:

  • No spinning noise when a disc is inserted
  • A spinning noise but discs are not recognised

Replacement CD / DVD drives can be supplied and fitted with costs starting at £70 + VAT which includes a 1 year warranty.