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Hosted Exchange and Sharepoint

Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint have allowed large businesses to share information between hundreds of staff for many years. Unfortunately, until now, this technology has always been prohibitively expensive for small businesses.

We now offer this technology to small businesses via the use of a hosted service.  This means no expensive server, no software licensing issues, no maintenance in fact we don’t even require a minimum contract period.

Shared email, calendar, tasks and contacts

Using Exchange allows multiple people and devices to share emails, calendars, tasks and contacts.  The power of this technology depends on your type of business but some of the benefits include:

  • Real-time synchronisation of emails, calendars, tasks and contacts between laptops, PCs and mobile phones.
  • Sharing email addresses, emails and their replies between several people – ideal for customer services.
  • A business-wide contact list that updates the details on all PCs, laptops and phones.
  • Shared calendars that allow resources and staff to be in the right place at the right time.

Using Smart Phones

The use of smart phones allows continuous and automatic synchronisation of emails, calendar items, tasks and contacts between your phone, PC, laptop and any other devices.

Information Sharing

One of the problems that business owners face as their business grows is how to ensure everyone is kept updated.  How do you ensure everyone is told about an upcoming event, a new important customer or even a change to the operations manual.

By using Microsoft SharePoint everyone has access to an internal website which can be updated by everyone.  Staff photos through to a “how to” operations manual can be kept updated allowing everyone to know exactly what to do, how to do it and when.

File Sharing

Sharing files in an office is not that difficult but how do staff get access to files from home or whilst on the road.  The use of Microsoft SharePoint allows files to be shared by all authorised staff.  Version control ensures people cannot over-write each other’s changes and the use of a central storage area ensures that documents are always up to date.