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Data Recovery and Disk Wiping

Hard drives are the devices that store data on your PC, laptop or server and they are one of the last components of a computer that are mechanical. The failure of a hard drive can be sudden and catastrophic or it can develop over time.

Symptoms of a failed or failing hard drive are:

  • Unable to boot into the Windows operating system, the computer often displays an error on a black screen.
  • The computer boots as far as the log on screen for windows and then fails.
  • The computer is unable to open certain software or files
  • The computer appears to lock up or freeze

Data Recovery from a failing hard drive

If there is no mechanical failure within the hard drive we have equipment that is able to retrieve data from a failing hard drive.  Recovered data can either be supplied on a CD, DVD or replacement hard drive. Alternatively we can replace the hard drive in the computer, reload the operating system and put the recovered data back where it came from.

Data Recovery from a failed hard drive

A hard drive that has completely failed requires a specialist data recovery company.  We are able to determine whether your hard drive has completely failed and then send it to a trusted company for data recovery.

A charge of £30 + VAT is made to assess the drive and get a quote on the likely cost of recovery.  This charge will be waived if data recovery is undertaken.

Data Recovery from accidental deletion

Occasionally users delete files by accident and after the recycle bin has been emptied it is not possible, within Windows, to retrieve these files.

We recommend users turn off their computer immediately which will allow us the greatest possible chance of recovering these files.

Recovery of corrupt email files (Outlook PST files)

Microsoft Outlook occasionally suffers from file corruption which results in the loss of all email, calendar, task and contact information from Outlook.

We are able to recover some or all of this information and rebuild the Outlook file.

Secure data wiping

When a computer is decommissioned the data contained on it remains available to whoever knows enough to extract it.  This data can include company information, passwords, credit card details, client information and many other pieces of data.

Unfortunately deleting this data is not enough and even formatting a hard drive will still not prevent the data from being read by those determined to do so.

We are able to securely wipe all hard drives using military grade encryption. At this point time there is no known method to recover data from a hard drive that has been security wiped in this manner.