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I am sure most small businesses will agree that the data on your computers is critical to the success of your business. Your emails, letters, quotes, accounts and that very precious database of contacts all need to be protected from loss.  Hard drive failure, viruses, theft and fire are just some of the reasons that businesses lose data, our backup services ensure that businesses never have to concern themselves with this possibility.

Remote Backup of Data from PCs and laptops

We use the services of backup experts to ensure that all data is securely stored on servers in a data centre.  The process involves:

  • A meeting to discuss what data you need protecting and the likely cost per month.
  • Assignment of an encryption key to ensure your data cannot be read by anyone else.
  • Deployment of software on one or more PCs or laptops.
  • Test to ensure the backups are valid.
  • A daily email informing you of the status of your backups.

The cost of backing up data starts from as little as £10 + VAT per month.  We believe you should use our services because you like them not because you have a contract, for this reason we have no minimum contract or notice period.

Phone us today to book a free, no obligation meeting to discuss your requirements.

Remote backup of Servers

The information contained on servers can also be protected by remote backups.  The software we use will allow the backup of:

  • Shared folders
  • Microsoft Exchange, down to the mailbox level
  • Microsoft Sharepoint database
  • Any other SQL based databases

Prices start at £30 + VAT per month

Phone us today to book a free, no obligation meeting to discuss your requirements.