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Micro Businesses

Micro businesses, also known as one-man businesses, generally have a challenging time doing the work and managing the business.  The trades (plumbers, electricians, plasterers, builders), consultants, florists, mechanics – the list is endless.

Unfortunately these businesses suffer from peaks and troughs in workflow because

When you are doing the work if is difficult to answer phones, do the accounts, order the stock and keep a steady marketing campaign going.

When you are doing all of the above there is no money coming in because nobody is doing the work.

Our solutions focus on empowering you to do the work and allow others to help you run the business.

Shared calendars and mailboxes allow call answering services to book appointments and respond to your mail on time.  Your customers will no longer feel like they are being ignored and your phone and laptop can be updated in real-time so you know who needs you and when.

Job tracking software allows accurate records to be kept including stock, materials and labour so you can invoice a job at the click of a button.  What is really great is you can use it from your mobile phone or laptop so you will never again forget to include materials on an invoice.

Use of basic electronic accounting that integrates with the job-tracking software allows book-keepers to maintain your accounts and you to get a snapshot of how you are doing.

The use of a website is great for marketing but there can be so much more to engage your customers.  Email campaigns, surveys and newsletters all help to promote your business and keep you front of mind.  We have great contacts to assist in these areas and can supply all of the technology to make it happen easily.

One man businesses can be successful, let us show you how – phone us now to book an appointment.