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I am often asked if a second monitor will improve productivity for a business owner or a member of staff.  In order to answer such a question, it is necessary to understand how you work. If you primarily use a single piece of software for the vast majority of the time then a second monitor is unlikely to increase your productivity, if you use several applications at a time then a second monitor may well assist you.

The second monitor is used to display a second application window and applications can be dragged between each of the monitors.  If you find yourself continually minimising and maximising application windows the addition of a second monitor can considerably improve your productivity.  Using a second monitor is particularly useful for the following:

  • Using the Internet to research a subject whilst writing a document
  • Referring to suppliers listings whilst writing a quote
  • Balancing your bank balance online

The cost of adding a second monitor is dependent on the hardware you currently have available but with costs starting at around £200 including fitting it does not take long for the investment to pay for itself.

As always if you would like further advice on this matter please give us a phone.