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Apple iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 has suffered another slight glitch as of January 1st 2011.  The alarm has once again decided that it doesn’t want to work and this is likely to cause issues for people that depend on it to get them out of bed and back to work on Tuesday morning after the Christmas break.

I discovered the issue myself when the alarm didn’t go off as expected on New Years Day and although I enjoyed an extra 30 minutes of dozing this morning I wouldn’t have been too happy had this occurred on January the 4th and I missed my business network meeting at 6.30am.

The iPhone suffered similar issues only a few weeks ago in November which were a result of the clocks changing from BST to GMT, this resulted in alarms going off an hour late.  It was hoped that Apple had solved this seemingly minor programming issue but it appears more work is needed.

Apple will release a patch but I would expect it to be a few weeks before that occurs. In the meantime I have found a work-around.  If you set the alarm and select it to repeat everyday it appears that the alarm works perfectly. However given that this is the second flaw in the alarm module I personally will not be relying on the iPhone as my alarm anymore, at least until all of the bugs have been resolved and the alarm has operated without issues for a good 6 months.

Happy New Year.