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It’s a new year, we have new resolutions, and we’re all determined to be more productive. Technology can save us time and make us more efficient in so many ways, and at Absolutely PC we have a few favourite productivity enhancing techniques that we think you may find useful this January.

Create a range of different Outlook signatures

You probably already know that having a signature set up in Outlook can help you save time signing off on each email you send, but did you ever consider setting up multiple signatures? We have around 20 (yes, 20!) different signatures on Outlook that act as templates for emails we regularly send, such as directions to our office, answers to requests for website hosting information and invitations to our networking group.

It’s unbelievably easy to set up multiple signatures in Outlook and once done, you’ll be amazed at how much time you’ll save. We’ve created a step-by-step video guide to show you how to do it – check it out here [https://www.absolutelypc.co.uk/email-signatures-saving-you-time].

Use jump lists to access frequently used files faster

Did you ever consider how much time you waste clicking through folder after folder to access your most-used files? A brilliant way to save time and become more productive is to create jump lists – shortcuts that allow us to access frequently used documents and programs faster.

If creating multiple Outlook signatures is easy, then setting up jump lists is a walk in the park! It will only take you a few minutes; our video guide [https://www.absolutelypc.co.uk/using-jump-lists-to-be-productive] shows you how to do it.

Synchronise emails and calendar across all devices and share with colleagues

Let’s say you’re in a meeting and an important clients rings to speak to you. Your colleague tells them you’re unavailable, but can’t advise exactly when you’ll be free to return their call. When you’re next available your colleague passes along the client’s message, but when you find the time to return the call, your client is unavailable to chat. Despite all the technology at our fingertips, these types of communication breakdowns are so common, and such a waste of our time.

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Microsoft Exchange is a brilliant solution that we’re recommending to many of our customers at the moment. It synchronises your emails and calendar across all devices so you can keep track of correspondence at all times, no matter where you are. Plus, your colleagues can instantly access your calendar when they need it, so they can advise others of your availability more accurately and even book in appointments for you to return those missed calls.

If you have any questions about the time-saving tips above, we’d love to help you; just get in touch for a chat.