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How can I use technology to improve communications?

In the corporate world Microsoft Exchange is used extensively and allows effective communication between teams and organisations. However, until recently its cost has been prohibitive for small businesses.

Most small businesses use Microsoft Outlook for their e-mails, calendars, tasks and contacts but the sharing of this information often does not occur. As a result information is often fragmented and multiple records kept which results in information becoming outdated. Microsoft Exchange is used in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook to allow the sharing of information between different people and different devices such as laptops, phones and PCs.

Example 1 – Mobile workers
A small business has several mobile workers with a secretary who answers the phone and allocates jobs to the correct people.  The use of shared calendars allows the secretary to place an appointment in the correct calendar and its information will be automatically pushed to the mobile phone and laptop of the mobile worker. Furthermore changes that mobile worker makes on either the phone or the laptop is replicated on all other devices including the secretaries PC.


Example 2 – Office Sharing
The business owner wants to reduce the amount of time they spend answering email so they can get on with running their business.  The PA currently responds to certain emails but since this is not shared there is often confusion as to what has been replied to.
The use of Exchange allows multiple people to work with a single inbox.  Replies to emails, the storage of emails into folders and full conversation threads are made available to whoever you grant permission.


Example 3 – One man setups
A one man business has a PC, laptop and mobile phone but finds it difficult to keep all 3 devices synchronised.  The use of Microsoft Exchange allows all devices to be synchronised so the emails, calendar items, tasks and contacts are continually updated on all devices.


Microsoft Exchange can be either implemented on your own server if there are more than 10 employees or a hosted solution can be provided that makes it affordable for even one man businesses.

As always we are happy to talk about any solution you might require.

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