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How can a UPS battery help my business?

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An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a battery that sits between the mains electric and your equipment. It supplies the power to your equipment and continually charges itself to ensure it has maximum charge when you need it.

In the case of a complete power failure your equipment uses the battery to run which means you can safely keep working for a while and more importantly your computer, server or NAS can be safely shut down.

In the case of a spike, surge or sudden fluctuation in the power supply the UPS will protect the equipment and continue to supply power at the correct voltage. This is very important and protects your equipment during lightning storms.

So what is the right UPS for me?

When fitting a UPS it is important to get the right one. A server might take as long as 30 minutes to shut down if it has updates awaiting installation whereas a computer is only likely to need 5 minutes maximum. The amount of power used

Desktop Computer UPS

UPS for Desktop Computer

depends on the type of equipment being used and how long you need power for.
It is also necessary to have a single UPS for each piece of equipment that needs to be shut down safely, this is because the UPS will “talk” with software on the computer or server and automatically initiate a shutdown process if the battery reaches a critical charge. This ensures your equipment shutdown is done safely even if you are not there.
The cost of a UPS can be as little as £60 for a basic office computer through to several hundred pounds for a server with a high load.

Equipment you will want to consider a UPS for are:

  • Server – definitely, this is a key component in your business infrastructure and needs protecting.
  • Network Attached Storage devices (NAS) – definitely, these are very sensitive to power fluctuations.
  • Desktop computers – It would be great to add one to every PC but in reality I would recommend you protect those that are critical in the business.
  • Networking equipment – If your business depends on the Internet and you carry out a lot of online work then it is worthwhile adding a single UPS to protect all of this equipment.

What next?

FILL IN YOUR DETAILS ON THIS FORM and I will be very happy to phone you and answer any questions you might have.  This is your opportunity for a free, no obligation chat about how a UPS could benefit your business.

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