Unfortunately there are a lot of scams out there but some can be quite convincing to even the most intelligent and savvy computer user.

Recently our office received a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft who said our system was virus infected and was causing issues as our system was trying to infect others.  They offered to fix the issue remotely and since I knew this was a scam I went along with it to find out what they would try to do.

After getting me to open the inf folder and falsely claiming that its contents were all viruses they continued to direct me to a website to download an file.  If I had gone along with this, the file would allow them to remote into my PC and do whatever they want to our system.

According to others that have fallen prey to this scam they are charged anything from £90 to £180 but what is worse is that their computers and systems are often left compromised.

Our advice is to only allow trusted companies to repair your PCs, if you haven’t asked someone to remote into your PC and you have no way of verifying who they are then do not allow them access.  If you are concerned about IT related issues then please feel free to give us a phone, we do not charge to talk.