IT – in business terms it can provoke emotions from warmth to genuine hatred, but why can the technology choices we make for our organisations produce such strong feelings among employees? With relationships under the microscope this Valentine’s Day, it might be fitting to label our dealings with IT a ‘love, hate’ affair.

So let’s get to the bottom of it. What are the reasons which can make IT such a help or hindrance, and in some cases both on the same day?

If you love IT, why?

There are plenty of reasons why IT can seem like your best friend in the workplace at times, and it’s usually when it is making our jobs easier. Remember the first time you discovered the trick in Outlook which allows you to auto assign your emails to specific inboxes, or a new piece of software which allows you to access everything on your desktop computer from your laptop when you are out of the office? These are the times when you value the IT choices your company has made and count your blessings for having tools which make the working day a lot less stressful.

The same goes for the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology which can save your organisations thousands of pounds in phone calls each year – it’s when we reap the rewards of a new feature in our IT infrastructures that those feelings of love truly come out!

If you hate it, why?

The opposite is true when IT lets us down, whether it is a Wi-Fi blackout on a busy day at the office, inboxes which just can’t cope with the reams of emails we receive every day, or a content management system which is forever crashing and letting the side down. IT failures are not only frustratingly time-consuming, they can lead to a financial hit when the time comes to replace or upgrade an element of the infrastructure. Hate is a strong word, but when we are doing our job to the best of our abilities only to be let down by our technological tools, a feeling of rage is only natural for the conscientious worker.

Luckily, there are ways to patch up these problems with our IT relationships and create more times to enjoy together! If you’ve been threatening to dump your IT – hold on a moment first. At Absolutely PC, we love IT and we reckon we can help you love it too with our services ranging from data recovery to solving networking problems and more. Contact us today to find out how we can help.