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Category Archives: Productivity

Productivity tips at Absolutely PC are all about helping you to make the most of your computer. If we can save you a few minutes every day by showing you how to do something quicker and easier then our post has been worth it. We are continually looking for real life problems to help with and write about so if you have a particular issue with productivity when using computers then please get in contact.

Changing your company’s email habits to increase employee happiness

It’s estimated that around 205 billion emails are sent every day, so as the main form of communication for businesses, email plays a pivotal role in our daily working lives. Yet as we have quickly embraced email with open arms … Continue reading

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Can your business cope with winter disruption?

Thanks to the unseasonably mild weather we’ve enjoyed this autumn, it’s easy to forget that winter, and all the potential havoc it can wreak, is soon to follow. It’s hard not to feel that our weather has become more unpredictable … Continue reading

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Solid State Drive – Why would my business want one?

By using a solid state drive in your computer or laptop you will improve the speed and reliability of your computer which will save you time and reduce those frustrating few seconds of wait time. Continue reading

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Electronic Documents & The Paperless Office

The Paperless Office has long been hailed as a utopia for offices and yet the technology is now ready but it appears the people are not. Learn what your office needs to do to gain the benefit of electronic documentation. Continue reading

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App of the Moment – August 2014

Find a date for a meeting 2x faster Have you ever tried to organise a meeting with numerous parties and found it almost impossible to agree a date that you can all make? This can end up taking more time … Continue reading

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Using Multiple Email Signatures to Save Your Time

Do you have an email signature? Of course, who doesn’t – it would be absurd to type in all that information every time you wanted to send an email. But do you have more than one email signature?  If not … Continue reading

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Using jump lists to be productive

In Microsoft Windows 7 there are a whole load of extras you might not have heard of before, jump lists are one of the more productive features. In Windows 7 you can pin an application to the task bar which … Continue reading

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What happened to the paperless office?

The paperless office has long been talked about and hailed as a utopia for office productivity. Their are lots of costs associated with the use of paper, the obvious cost is toners and inks which have steadily been rising year on … Continue reading

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Find Your Information Quickly

In Windows Vista and Windows 7 the entire contents of every email, contact, Word document, Excel document and many other documents are indexed as they are created. Which means you can search for any word or phrase within any document and windows will find it almost instantly Continue reading

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How can I use technology to improve communications?

Most small businesses use Microsoft Outlook for their e-mails, calendars, tasks and contacts but the sharing of this information often does not occur. As a result information is often fragmented and multiple records kept which results in information becoming outdated Continue reading

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Is a second monitor useful?

I am often asked if a second monitor will improve productivity for a business owner or a member of staff.  In order to answer such a question, it is necessary to understand how you work. If you primarily use a single piece of software for … Continue reading

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Shortcut keys

Using shortcut keys can increase your productivity, why not pick out 1 new one a week and use it and you will find your speed increases… The WinKey button is usually located on the bottom left of the keyboard (top … Continue reading

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