Behind the Hack

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We’re all guilty of not updating our devices, systems and software.

When we’re busy working hard in the business, it’s easier and quicker to just ‘put it off’, but right now we can exclusively reveal, thanks to our ethical hacker, the devastating effect using out of date and non-updated technology can have on your business.

It happens every day…we’re made aware of available updates but even if it’s labelled “critical” we think: ‘what’s the worse that can happen?’ Well, we can show you from our hackers’ point of view.

Even in today’s modern world, as soon as a new system, service or piece of software is created, there are people looking for ways to hack it.  Right now you’re looking at ‘EternalBlue’, developed to exploit a vulnerability in some versions of Microsoft products. 
The updates your computer tells you about contains vital patches to secure these vulnerabilities as soon as they’re discovered. 
In this case here’s an older version of a Windows server that hasn’t yet been updated.  Our hacker uses some special monitoring software to identify the target machine, establish a connection by linking IP addresses and ports, then with a simple command, view all the private credentials used to access the network

Our hacker can then do whatever they want; launch a further attack, steal and lock your data, run some code to monitor your screen, even detect keystrokes or spy on you and your staff with your webcam.

All businesses rely so much on technology these days, so talk to us about how you can be better protected without having to do the work yourself.