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How secure is your password? Do you use it for just a single website? Does it contain capitals, numbers and special charaters?

If not you should read on…

My app of the moment for July is Passpack. Security is of utmost importance at Absolutely PC and this application provides a great way to keep your passwords safe.

There has been a spate of high profile websites hacked and millions of usernames and passwords have been published. If you think it is scary if someone has your Facebook password, what about if that is the same password as your bank account! There’s no telling the damage it could cause if your password falls into the wrong hands and unfortunately this happens far too often…

Passpack is a highly secure way to manage and organize your passwords and it’s built on AES-256 Encryption and Host Proof Hosting, ensuring that your sensitive data is never accessible to anyone but you.

What’s more, Passpack also ensures that you don’t have to waste time trying to remember all your different passwords at home and at work. The average person has between 8 to 20 passwords to remember every day if they use the internet. Passpack gives you the tools to organize your passwords and store them securely all in one place. It also allows you to safely share individual passwords for trusted collegues, for example supplier ordering websites, so you don’t have to worry about emailing them or writing them down.

Take a look at Passpack yourself by using this link – https://www.passpack.com

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